CFB Week 4 Picks

There are two types of people in this world. There are sheep (sheeple). And there are wolves. The sheeple are not necessarily a cowardly type. I have heard about and seen various sheeple act as brave as a human being can be. They are often very fastidious in their beliefs, not to mention their capability […]

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CFB Week 10 Picks

Will we ever lose again? The level of success we have had is borderline unprecedented. I’ve had years where my overall percentage has been better, but I can’t recall the last time I’ve rattled off seven straight weeks of winning picks. Last week we went 7-4-1 to bring our yearly total to 53-39-1 (57.6%) and […]

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WTF Tennessee

For a while I thought we were the Chicago Cubs, but it turns out we’re the Cleveland Browns. In 2015 the Vols suffered loses to Oklahoma, Florida, and Bama in damn near Bartman-level soul-crushing fashion. Well, those days felt dark, but looking back at least they gave us a degree of hope and excitement. There’s […]

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