A-Rob’s Conspiracy Corner: Climate Change + Fake News + One World Government

A Thesis

For all the shortcomings of man, nearsightedness within the lull of a day to day existence, combined with a tendency for self-absorbtion, often hinders our ability to act in the interest of future generations. I suppose we never have. At least on a granular scale. The ones that give a shit become too bogged down by the never ending battle to stay afloat in a society full of entities and individuals consumed by greed, like a leech that’s grown exponentially in size but still sucks the blood out of you with no less vigor than it did at the start.

I digress.

In the inner being of your soul, the truth is there. In all of us. Its not that we don’t acknowledge it. For in order to do that, foremost, you’d have to do some seeking. But for those that seek, the answers are in plain sight once you remove rose colored glasses and take an objective approach to the world and your role within it…

I don’t say we need a new plague in jest, I actually mean it. We’re prospering as a human race. And we’re doing so with unprecedented levels of success. Its just not sustainable. We live on a planet with finite resources. In fact, the very planet we live on is finite by nature. It had a beginning, it will have an end. If we are to eventually have Heaven on Earth (in our next existence), the planet will have to be traversed to a different dimension that plays by different rules. The ones currently in place result in everything having an expiration.

Speaking of plagues, apparently the rapid demise of the polar ice caps is exposing ancient diseases that have lay dormant in the ice. Who’s ready for the Bubonic Plague’s first world tour since medieval times? I understand its a painful death.

By the way, Flat Earthers, wtf are we suppose to do when the Ice Wall melts, WHAT WILL BECOME OF US? (And have any of you arrogant-all-knowing-globe-lovers personally seen our ‘planet’ from space?)

Can you imagine the level of cover up if the Earth really was flat?

I digress.

The carbon foot print. We’ve become the result of Clifford impregnating a female Bigfoot. Which is to say a fucking huge destructive monster. Fossil Fuels receive the press, but that’s only a fraction of the doomsday puzzle. Agriculture, methane (damn cow farts), landfills, natural gas / petroleum industries, refrigeration and industrial processes, and the rapid loss of forest are all contributing to the rise of CO2 in our atmosphere. So no Elon, Tesla won’t solve all our problems. At least his SpaceX venture will be able to save the globalist elite and super rich by shipping them to Mars while the common man goes down with our planetary vessel.

There’s too many people. We’ve never put the Earth under this kind of pressure.

Its just not sustainable.

The problem must be corrected, and if not, forces will take action. Whether by means of catastrophes both biological and environmental, or deliberate human measures (a hell of a lot of violence comes to mind. Weapons of mass destruction seems due to wreck lives anyway), or non-human intelligence (m-effing robots bitch), there will be detrimental consequences that man has had coming to him. Perhaps what has been waiting for him from his very conception.

Fake news has ruined a generation.

Don’t expect our tribalistic nature to allow us to come to terms with ‘the truth lying somewhere in the middle’. Interesting question: Which is worse? Back when we blindly accepted everything we heard or us now mistrusting everything we hear?

Words to live by: Stay skeptical. Weigh every spirit.

Are there good guys and bad guys? Is it that black and white? Is the spirit realm filled with one spectrum absolutely and completely righteous and holy with another force that is evil and consumed by darkness and incomprehensible hatred? Humanity. Caught in no man’s land. Pulled by both ends of that spectrum. Religion paints us bleaker. Something in us bent more towards the latter, more-so destined to incline that direction if not intervened by the forces of the former. It makes sense.

The public is in a predicament. And make no mistake, the power lies in the masses. We’re left with no choice but to take what’s given and deduce our own truth, seek validity. What if climate change is a hoax? A contrived scenario generating the necessary mandate for worldwide governance. Those damn globalist.

Climate change has its own faithful followers. The recent unprecedented fires in California? A disaster viewed through the prism of a scientific worldview as another example of the consequences of a warming planet. Or maybe the phenomena can be rationalized by a simple lack of foresight by the Department of Agriculture that forestry falls under? For years they have slacked in taking necessary preventative measures in those forest. It was a disaster waiting to happen. A good offense is the best defense.

Stay skeptical. Weigh every spirit. But never forget to follow the money. I positively love speaking to the Fox Newsers. They have an explanation for everything, and its typically quite compelling. Talk about an audience that drinks the kool aid. I appreciate their fervor. Apparently there’s money to be made for these scientist to write these academic papers. And that is true. Academia walks in step with climate change scientist lock, stock, and barrel, and will ridicule and mock anything challenging that worldview. But you know where else there’s money to be made you Fox Newser? IN BEING A F—ING OIL COMPANY. IN BEING A POLITICIAN WITH LOBBYIST.

When you get a second, google the name Stan Meyer. He invented a way for vehicles to run on water. Stan was murdered via poisoning.

I heard a stat that scientist have come to a stronger consensus on climate change than they have on physics. Strong sentiment. If someone is conning us between scientist/politicians and businessmen/politicians, forgive me for putting more trust in the scientific corner. However, on second consideration, scientist have come to a pretty strong consensus that all life on Earth, with all its nuances and complexities, derived from a single cell organism… GTFO with that.

A new approach to an old take

In the midst of 1862, Abe Lincoln scribbled a note on his desk never meant for publication, and never intended for any eyes to scan in particular. However it was discovered by someone on his staff and copied and preserved. It was a single paragraph he titled, “Meditation of the Divine Will”. I’m paraphrasing and this is not a direct quote, but in essence, the will of God prevails. He said in the great contest of the Civil War, both sides believe to be on the side of the Almighty. Both may be, and one must be, wrong. For God can’t be for and against something at the same time. The war rages on. If God were to will it, he could give victory to either side any day. Yet the attrocities proceed. And in that, God chooses to have it continue, because it has not yet accomplished the purpose he has in mind. 

Being an Evangelical Christian has a great level of mysteries built into the fabric of the collective psyche of the group. When you have a book like Revelations depicting the demise of humanity in the end-times, you’re predisposed to keeping a vigilant watch on where this whole thing is headed. If there’s anything in particular to keep tabs on, its anything that propels us in the direction of inevitable worldwide governance.

We could arrive there a number of ways. One is an extraterrestrial threat. Or the perceived notion of one. NASA’s own Wernher Von Braun was building flying saucers in his days as a Nazi. He blew the whistle on his death bed that the mandate for world government would be a staged alien invasion. You can imagine, no higher precedent would exist for all countries to pull together than to fight a common enemy. The United States linked up with the socialist heathens of the Soviet Union to defeat the Axis Powers.

The definition of alien is not of this world. Not to discredit the probability of inter-galactical alien existence (On the contrary, in an infinite universe its hard not to assume their validity, given space is in fact what we’ve been told it is), but the aliens known to be at play influencing our global elite are inter-dimensional. At the highest level, they’re taking DMT and other psychedelic drugs that are more intense than anything we have a working knowledge of, and utilizing these drugs as a means to meet with these inter-dimensional beings. Is it a working of their imagination or have they peeled back a curtain? All I know is multiple people are seeing the same things and having a shared experience. What does that tell you?

We have senses beyond the five basics. Some have developed their connection with the spirit realm better than others. Maybe its genetic. I for one am grateful for modern technologies. Unlike my Grandfather who carries around paper in his front shirt pocket, I frequently pull out the ‘notes’ app on my iPhone. You never know when your going to get a download from the other side. Sometimes the portal is closed and sometimes its open. You have to take full advantage of the intel you’re receiving while you have the chance. Its always on their terms.

The UN is already working out the semantics of globally policing climate change – causing behavior by individual, sovereign countries. The new Brazilian president has basically said screw the Amazon (the producer of more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen), logging will commence with more vigor than ever. India and China’s populations both exceed a billion and they don’t seem capable of mitigating their massive carbon footprint. What else is the world to do? This will all get worse.

Despite the dark forces within the globalist elite, I know that the Divine Will Lincoln spoke of is at work. All of creation and the inner-workings allowed to take place within it has an intended purpose. At least on a granular scale. Perhaps climate change will be the mandate that brings about a single world government because its actually necessary. A New World Order will spring forth out of well meaning intentions as a solution for a very real problem.


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