CFB Week 6 Picks

“WE NEED TO RESET OUR JAWS” – Coach O¬† The piece on Coach O that dropped on The Athletic this week is an absolute masterpiece. Just brilliant journalism. The man throwing haymakers into his own face cause he’s so freaking hyped up, is the type of energy we’re bringing to blog the rest of the […]

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CFB Week 5 Picks

PREMIUM CONTENT??? Can that be defined? Still to be determined? According to the record, this year’s been less than stellar. 19-24-1 ATS is obviously not where we wanted to be at this point in the season. In fact, as I stated last week, this is unchartered territory for us. So where do we go from […]

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CFB Week 2 Picks

EX-PECT-TATIONS¬† There’s really nothing quite like eating a few shit-sandwiches to kick off the college football betting season. We went 4-6 ATS last week, to bring us to 5-7 on the year. But hell. We’ve been here before. If you remember, we started off last season 7-12 ATS before ripping off like 8 or 9 […]

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CFB Week 1 Picks

Consistency… Ah. ‘The Secret’ to success (Oprah, you and I both know its much more than mere visualization. Shame on you for such blatant dishonesty). There’s no ability more vital to achieving your maximum potential than reliability. Show me someone that shows up day in and day out, works hard at their craft, and does […]

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Sweet Sixteen Picks + Analysis

Of course changes have to made. When a golfer gets cold on the greens, he audibles to a new putter. I’ve made a call to my bullpen and substituted my Dell computer in for my Mac. The Mac was sleek and sexy but this baby is my original work horse. My OG writing instrument. Just […]

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