CFB Week One Picks

To quote Bryson Tiller, “I’m back. And I’m better.”

And the people want me bad as ever.

Yes the rumors are true. A-Rob’s Money Train has returned from it’s hiatus. And the train is pulling into the station just in the time for the start of the college football season. Now I would be lying if I told you I’ve taken a break from wagering. I actually had a nice end to the NFL season and at one point went on a 7 of 8 ATS run in the NBA playoffs. But I have stayed shielded from you, the public. To all the faithful Money Train fans that kept track of my YouTube videos last year, I thank you for being there. We had some great times. We had some not so great times. And we had some laughs along the way. But this year is different. Over the offseason I’ve done some retrospection that included an ascent of a mystical mountain in search of inspiration. As I crested the tallest peak, the mist dissipated and I witnessed the most glorious of sunrises. In that moment I knew what must be done. It was time to start a blog.

So all aboard the Money Train as we brace for this new chapter. This year the final destination is set for the Promise Land. We will be making stops in Moneyville, Dollar Town, Treasure Island, and perhaps Albuquerque.

Here are the Week One Picks:

BYU vs. LSU -16

To be honest, before the season started I was leaning BYU ATS (I have my doubts about Coach O). Then I saw BYU struggle to move the ball against FCS opponent Portland State in week 0… Then the game got moved to New Orleans… I think LSU is about to physically dominate BYU from start to finish. Derrius Guice is going to have a field day and the Mormons have a long trip home from nasty NOLA.

South Carolina vs. NC State (Under 52.5)

I feel like every recent season opener for South Carolina has been a low scoring sloppy game. Throw in a Muschamp defense vs. NC State’s nasty d-line and I’ll take the under.

Tennessee -3 vs. Georgia Tech

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. But here I am. Ready to be burned by my Vols yet again. But this pick has more to do with the spot in the schedule than anything. Tech lost their number one RB and Butch Jones and his revamped staff have had all offseason to prepare for the option attack. At least at this point in the season Tennessee hasn’t lost half its roster to injuries and team rule violations. Come on Butch, drug testing your players is NOT how we’re going to get back to the SEC title game!

Louisville vs. Purdue +24.5

Is it weird that I feel like fading Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals this year? They had quite a downward slide to end last season. Lamar Jackson had some great moments but you can’t give a guy the Heisman fresh off taking an L from Kentucky. But maybe that’s just me. Purdue has been garbage but they have a new coach from WKU which he had playing at a very high level. Purdue finds a way to score enough points to cover this spread.

Vanderbilt -3 vs. MTSU

If Vanderbilt can’t cover a 3 point spread against MTSU then there is no hope for them. Ralph Webb has a decent day and Vandy gets to say they’re the best team in Middle Tennessee.

Virginia Tech vs. WVU +4

I will admit that I’m pretty high on Justin Fuente at VT. But WVU has a X-factor coming into this game and his name is Will “Performance Enhanced” Greer. The kid has moxy. I saw him pull victory from the jaws of defeat in the 2015 Florida-Tennessee game. Of course I bet on the Vols (when will I learn). Well he’s back from his steroid suspension with a new team and I’m not starting off his return by betting against him.

Alabama -7 vs. Florida State

Am I the only one that thinks Bama is ruining college football? Think about it, they are playing the second most talented team in the nation and they’re touchdown favorites. That’s not even right. FSU should be good but I’m not betting against Saban.


Share the blog and enjoy the start of college football.




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