Wild Card Picks

“I’m putting my heart in this shit.” – Ed Reed Beyonce has revealed in past interviews that before she performs on stage, she’ll lift her hands to the sky and a strange power washes over her. In that moment, she is no longer Yonce, she is Sasha Fierce. Who apparently is a hell of a […]

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The real reason you should be paying attention to the FBI’s NCAA basketball investigation

Well. Well. Well… So you’re telling me… college basketball coaches… have arranged for star prospects to receive a cash payment… in hopes of enticing them to attend their university? I am just flabbergasted. Positively floored. Totally didn’t see this coming. Except I’m not a sheep. If this news surprised you, I’m sure you also think; […]

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NBA All Star Weekend Bets

 Gambling Winter is upon us. Gambling Winter – The period lasting from the end of the Super Bowl up until the beginning of March Madness. Winter Gambling Disorder (WGD) – An inability to cope with the loss of football leading to an insatiable urge to gamble on what’s available. Possible symptoms of WGD may include: Blowing all […]

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Super Bowl LII Spectacular

“I’m wildin’ on my haters.” – Travis Scott I’m 8-2 and I’m not talkin about straight up, I’m talking about ATS. My only question for you is do you want to become rich and powerful? The secret to your dreams is directly tied to your confidence in riding the money train. I’m here to take […]

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NFL Championship Picks

So we’re 6-2 ATS and The Year of the Dog is real people. Somewhere in Asia-land, an old, decrepit, medicine man is atop a mountain, slowly nodding his head as the forest winds howl around him. “Zing chi ho,” he quietly whispers. “Zing chi ho.” The faint details of the old man’s frame is all […]

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Divisional Round Picks

Breaking: We’re dirty nasty sick at betting again. Let this decree ring out and reverberate off Vegas’s city walls. The echo sending a chill down the spine of every bookie while causing audible gasps from inside the sportsbooks. The bookies will turn upward, lifting a fist to the sky, and curse me vehemently. But I […]

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Bowl Betting Extravaganza

Summoning: Spirit of the Coyote- Known for his cunning, caution, and adaptability. Smaller than his cousin the wolf, the coyote relies on a unique set of skills in comparison to the strategies of larger predators. The coyote has perfected the fission-fusion technique to expand his territory and minimalize the probabilities of being harmed. He senses […]

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