The real reason you should be paying attention to the FBI’s NCAA basketball investigation

Well. Well. Well…

So you’re telling me… college basketball coaches… have arranged for star prospects to receive a cash payment… in hopes of enticing them to attend their university? I am just flabbergasted. Positively floored. Totally didn’t see this coming.

Except I’m not a sheep.

If this news surprised you, I’m sure you also think; politicians govern with pure motives, referees don’t carry biases, and marijuana should remain a schedule 1 because a D.A.R.E officer told you it was a gateway drug when you were in 4th grade. I know the system suppresses think-for-yourselfers but come on. How else do you think these star players afford a Dodge Challenger and a new house for Mom?

My real question is why do people care so much if these athletes are getting paid? Why do people care if their coach is facilitating this? Hell, as a fan, I’d be more upset with my team’s coach if he wasn’t paying players. The fact of the matter is, if you want top talent, with the current system in place, its going to cost you some money. Cause if you’re not paying for prospects, somebody else is. And I want the best players possible dammit. Besides, these kids deserve to be paid. They’re the ones putting their future careers on the line and they’re the reason people tune in to watch the games.

We’ve heard this debate enough so I’m here to put a fresh spin on things. If you’re a sports fan, more importantly a gamer, you should be praying that the FBI brings the NCAA to its knees.

Where are you NCAA 19′, Why can’t I find you

Hard to believe, but the NCAA football video game drought is approaching year 5. Will this travesty soon end or are we destined to wonder 40 years in the desert before seeing the promise land? I don’t claim to know how long we must go without but I do know that this FBI investigation could put us on the right path. The more severe the findings, the higher likelihood that change is imminent. If 20 programs implode, then the NCAA will have no choice but to look into allowing their athletes to be paid. The fact that these athletes can’t be paid for their own likeness, in this country, the land of opportunity, the capitalist empire itself, is a downright embarrassment. But I have a feeling some wrongs may finally begin to be righted. And for me that can’t come soon enough.

College football is a special sport that gave way to a special video game. Substituting a cornerback in for your QB because he has 92 speed can’t be replicated in Madden. Perhaps the most sobering loss of these past 5 years is that we didn’t get the chance to torment defenses with Lamar Jackson. The second coming of Mike Vick and we missed out on it because the NCAA wants to be fun sucking jerks. My love of video games was born playing NCAA 00′ on an original PlayStation. All through my childhood I would play the games of the upcoming weekend, switching teams between possessions so I was always on offense, and most of the time my game ended up far more compelling than the ‘real’ one. I’m saddened that the youth of America is being robbed of these experiences. I’m saddened that college kids across America aren’t punching holes in their wall in a drunken rage after a frustrating loss to their roommate. I’m saddened every summer that passes without the release of a fresh version of an iconic game. So FBI, do what you must, the college football gamer is counting on you.


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