Sweet Sixteen Picks + Analysis

Of course changes have to made. When a golfer gets cold on the greens, he audibles to a new putter. I’ve made a call to my bullpen and substituted my Dell computer in for my Mac. The Mac was sleek and sexy but this baby is my original work horse. My OG writing instrument. Just […]

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Final Four Picks

If there’s any solace in my dismal ATS record, the bracket I gave out would certainly win an office pool or two. Despite a rough opening round, 5 out of 8 elite eight and 3 out of 4 in the Final Four is pretty damn good. Oh Tennessee. If they could have gotten past Sister […]

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Conference Tournament Picks

Its conference tournament time for college basketball and that can only mean one thing: Its time to start cashing in. The regular season for college basketball is not easy to bet. The landscape can be volatile. Teams are up and down, hot and cold, and its tough to keep up with on a night to […]

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The real reason you should be paying attention to the FBI’s NCAA basketball investigation

Well. Well. Well… So you’re telling me… college basketball coaches… have arranged for star prospects to receive a cash payment… in hopes of enticing them to attend their university? I am just flabbergasted. Positively floored. Totally didn’t see this coming. Except I’m not a sheep. If this news surprised you, I’m sure you also think; […]

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NBA All Star Weekend Bets

 Gambling Winter is upon us. Gambling Winter – The period lasting from the end of the Super Bowl up until the beginning of March Madness. Winter Gambling Disorder (WGD) – An inability to cope with the loss of football leading to an insatiable urge to gamble on what’s available. Possible symptoms of WGD may include: Blowing all […]

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