NCAA Tourney First Round Picks and Full Bracket

Will the real betting champ please stand up?

March Madness.

The greatest sporting spectacle in the United States, and no there isn’t a close second. As far as sporting events in the U S of A, there is no rival. College basketball has completely sacrificed their regular season but in turn they have invented a spectacle that trumps all. Gamblers pour over stats, take calculated risk, and construct their narratives for who’s going to make a run, all in hopes for that taste of glory that comes along with tackling such an unpredictable landscape.

Many can barely contain their excitement, filling their brackets out as soon as the selection show concludes. For me, I prefer to sit on the information for a while. I mull over the potential scenarios for at least a few days before I’m ready to make my move. This way I can put amble research into the teams and see who money is coming in on. I’ve done my due diligence, spent time in meditation, and rubbed my crystal ball. I’m comfortable with my plays and I’m ready to make them public. Here’s my 8 favorite first round bets followed by my complete bracket. Whether you’re betting along with me or looking to win your office pool, lets grab these cash bags:

Favorite First Round Picks 

  • Oklahoma (+2) vs Rhode Island
  • Loyola Chicago vs Miami (-2)
  • Davidson (+5) vs Kentucky
  • Bama (+2) vs. Virginia Tech
  • Buffalo (+8.5) vs Arizona
  • Georgia State (+14) vs Cincy
  • Butler vs Arkansas (+1.5)
  • NMSU vs. Clemson (-4.5)


South Round 1:

  • UVA over UMBC
  • Kansas St over Creighton
  • Davidson over Kentucky
  • Arizona over Buffalo
  • Miami over Loyola Chicago
  • Tennessee over Wright St
  • Texas over Nevada
  • Georgia St over Cincy

South Round 2:

  • UVA over Kansas St
  • Davidson over Arizona
  • Tennessee over Miami
  • Texas over Georgia St

South Sweet 16:

  • UVA over Davidson
  • Tennessee over Texas

South Elite 8:

  • Tennessee over UVA

West Round 1:

  • Xavier over NCC/TS
  • Missouri over Florida St
  • South Dakota St over Ohio St
  • Gonzaga over UNCG
  • Houston over SDSU
  • Michigan over Montana
  • Texas A&M over Providence
  • UNC over Lipscomb

West Round 2:

  • Xavier over Missouri
  • Gonzaga over South Dakota St
  • Michigan over Houston
  • UNC over Texas A&M

West Sweet Sixteen:

  • Gonzaga over Xavier
  • Michigan over UNC

West Elite 8:

  • Michigan over Gonzaga

East Round 1:

  • Villanova over Radford
  • Bama over Virginia Tech
  • West Virginia over Murray St
  • Wichita State over Marshall
  • St. Bonaventure over Florida
  • Texas Tech over SF Austin
  • Arkansas over Butler
  • Purdue over CSU Fullerton

East Round 2:

  • Villanova over Bama
  • Wichita State over West Virginia
  • Texas Tech over St. Bonaventure
  • Arkansas over Purdue

East Sweet Sixteen:

  • Villanova over Wichita State
  • Texas Tech over Arkansas

East Elite Eight:

  • Villanova over Texas Tech

Midwest Round 1:

  • Kansas over Penn
  • Seton Hall over NC State
  • Clemson over NMSU
  • Auburn over Charleston
  • ASU/Cuse over TCU
  • Michigan St over Bucknell
  • Duke over Iona

Midwest Round 2:

  • Kansas over Seton Hall
  • Auburn over Clemson
  • Michigan St over ASU/Cuse
  • Duke over Oklahoma

Midwest Sweet Sixteen:

  • Kansas over Auburn
  • Duke over Michigan St

Midwest Elite 8:

  • Kansas over Duke

Final Four

  • Tennessee over Michigan
  • Kansas over Villanova

National Championship: Tennessee 77 – Kansas 72

Go Vols.




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