Final Four Picks

If there’s any solace in my dismal ATS record, the bracket I gave out would certainly win an office pool or two. Despite a rough opening round, 5 out of 8 elite eight and 3 out of 4 in the Final Four is pretty damn good. Oh Tennessee. If they could have gotten past Sister Jean I’m confident my bracket would have gone 4 for 4.

Luckily for our bankrolls, I have a plan to get our money back. They say don’t chase your losses but I say that’s stupid, I want my money back now dang it. Let’s get this cash stack Saturday:

The Year of the Dog Strikes Again?

As dawn breaks over the Texas horizon, two figures are seen conversing atop the Alamo’s ramparts. Closer examination reveals these two persons are that of Sister Jean and Bill Self. The two, brought together by fate, are here to gain an edge in their separate battles. Bill tries to be cordial, but Sister Jean will have none of his small talk. She reminds him that this is a council of war and she’s not interested in his pleasantries. Bill, feeling somewhat relived of having to play nice, insists that they get down to business. At this moment, Sister Jean turns her face outwards and softly whispers “Zing Chi Ho”. Bill Self then blows the ceremonial bugle. Almost immediately, the surrounding wilderness begins to erupt with the sound of howls.

Prairie Wolves.

Modernly known as coyotes. Once every 12 years they may be evoked upon to do the will of those that channel their powers. Coyotes begin to show up by the legions. As they congregate below in the Alamo court yard, Bill Self cannot help but explode into maniacal laughter. Sister Jean is more stoic. An ice cold, steely look rests on her face.

My Picks: Loyola ML and Kansas ML. National Champions Kansas at 16/5. 

With both Kansas and Loyola sitting around 5 to 5.5 point underdogs, I’ll look to play them both straight up. Kansas moneyline is sitting around +190 and Loyola is above +200. I’m not sure if both win straight up but I get the feeling at least one of the two are going to get the dub. If you take both moneylines, you should at least get one to hit and if the Year of the Dog is in full force, we may hit both. If you’re feeling froggy, parlay both moneylines, but my official play is going to be take both separately. We’ll just need one to hit for a profit.

I’m going with Kansas as my National Champion play. I like them at that price considering I think they’ll be favored against Michigan or Loyola if they can get past Nova.








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