Bowl Season Part 2

“Twas the bowls before Christmas, when all thro’ the sportsbook, Every bettor was stirring, some biting the hook. The bets were placed at the window with care, In hopes that cash bags soon would be there.  The degernates shop lines, with their laptop in bed, While visions of covers dance in their head.” What’s the […]

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Bowl Season Part 1

I’m here to get my fix just like you. An old person once told me to beware of a man without a vice cause he’s probably got dead bodies buried in his yard. Now I’m no psychologist, but perhaps that old man had a point. Or then again, maybe he was just trying to justifying the fact that he had a horrible crack […]

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Fixing College Football

Attention everyone: I need you to stop what you’re doing and listen. I have an urgent news story. As I’m sure all of you fellow degenerate gamblers know, there’s no money bag opportunities this weekend aside from the game between the service academies. So instead of giving you a full breakdown of Army – Navy (I considered this), I figured I’d take this […]

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Conference Championship Picks

This is a secret society. All I ask is trust. Tell me who your loyal to. Does it start with your woman or your man? Does it end with your family and friends? To be real, I feel the Money Train loyalty comes from the heart. Conference championship week tends to get me fired up. […]

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Where should Tennessee go from here?

Anarchy on Rocky Top Since the end of the Fulmer era, the Tennessee fanbase has been fed dog crap on a silver platter and been told to eat that shit and enjoy it. Tennessee is one of the most profitable athletic departments in the nation and they pull their hires from the dollar general coaching pool. A normal booster base that […]

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CFB Week 13 Picks

Lucky Week 13. The stretch of time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving goes by like a blur. Every year it proves to be the fastest time on the calendar. Here we are in the final week containing a full slate of regular season games. I don’t mention this to frighten you. We have conference championships and bowl season in front […]

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CFB Week 12 Picks

How in the hell did I not call the Georgia choke job?? I officially owe an apology to all Money Train passengers. Sometimes in college football certain outcomes catch you off guard. I’m right more than I’m wrong (peep the 57-39-3 ATS record) and at times you have to swallow an L you just didn’t […]

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CFB Week 11 Picks

Big Game Bets. Last week’s 6-5 performance was by no means stellar but it got us back to making a profit. Our yearly record is now at 54-34-3 ATS (61.36%). We started the year hotter than an Eskimo in the Louisiana Bayou smack in the middle of July. Ever since then we’ve been standing our ground but the Money […]

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CFB Week 10 Picks

Last week wasn’t a disappointment but it wasn’t a success either. A 4-4-1 showing net us no winnings and that just leaves you throwing money at random NFL games on Sunday. Speaking of, anyone that tells you they have a handle on the NFL this year is a liar or a prophet… Our record now sits […]

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CFB Week 9 Picks

I’m no barbarian. I’m a man with principles. Uncompromising principles that I live by. And I’m convinced that last week’s record matches Lebron’s finals record (3-5) because karma comes back strong on a man that goes against one of his betting creeds. Don’t bet on Kentucky football. Ever. Don’t fret UK fans. Drake, Calipari, and the Illuminati’s […]

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