Conference Championship Picks

This is a secret society. All I ask is trust.

Tell me who your loyal to.

Does it start with your woman or your man? Does it end with your family and friends?

To be real, I feel the Money Train loyalty comes from the heart.

Conference championship week tends to get me fired up. Plus I feel like we’re dialed in right now. We fell short of perfect in lucky week 13 but its hard to not be pleased with a 4-2 showing. I’m holding out that this could be our perfect week considering the vols have vacated the sportsbook. A 6-0 conference championship sweep could be befitting of the year we’ve had. 65-45-3 ATS (59.09%). I say we make a push to get into the 60 percentile range for the start of bowl season (money season). I picked all the power five conference championships with the addition of the American Athletic Conference. Enjoy a full weekend of getting cash buckets.

Stanford +4 vs USC

This line has been trending in USC’s direction. The majority of the bets have come in on the Trojans and perhaps its warranted considering USC disposed of Stanford 42-14 earlier in the year. However, I like what I’ve seen from the Cardinal post their disappointing start. Two of their last 3 games include quality wins over Washington and Notre Dame. These Stanford teams under David Shaw seem to finish the season strong. They’ve represented the Pac 12 in 3 of the past 5 Rose Bowls. I like getting the points and making the contrarian play against the Hollywood team.

Memphis +7 vs UCF

The American Athletic Conference plays some quality football. UCF is undefeated and Memphis gets a chance to avenge their single loss. If you like offensive football you’ll want to tune into this game. These teams put up an insane amount of points. UCF and Memphis have each scored less than 40 points only 3 times this season. Thus this game should be a shootout that rivals the O.K. Coral. Its no secret that UCF’s Scott Frost is going to be Nebraska’s coach next season. How do his players respond knowing he’s about to ditch? On the other hand, Memphis’s Mike Norvell has been mentioned in the coaching carousel but his future landing spot is anyone’s guess. I have a feeling that Norvell wants to make a statement this Saturday.

TCU vs Oklahoma -7

The Big 12 has finally taken the hint and implemented a conference championship game. Of course Oklahoma is going to be the first team to win it. Its only fitting. They are the kings of that conference and at this point I feel like letting it ride with Baker Mayfield. He’s just crushing defenses and then jerking off on them. In all seriousness, he has tremendous poise and doesn’t seem to get rattled. This is his time and he knows it. He’ll lead the offense to score however much they have to.

Georgia vs Auburn -2.5

When was the last time there was this compelling of an SEC Championship? Meyer vs Saban? Thankfully an SEC east team finally rose up to make this matchup watchable. Let me be honest with you. The contrarian is strong within me this week. That part of me wanted to pick Georgia. Obviously the public is coming in on Auburn. This opened as only a 1 point line. Kerryon Johnson is indeed questionable in this game and it feels like Georgia is out to prove something. But at the end of my mental debate I realized I can’t fade this Auburn team. The typical Georgia thing to do is shit the bed, so if they surprise everyone and win then so be it. Auburn has looked better every time they’ve taken the field and is playing like the best team in the country right now.

Miami +9.5 vs Clemson

Miami is coming off an embarrassing performance against Pitt. The most concerning thing for Miami backers was their one dimensional play. They completely abandoned the run and Pitt’s pass rusher was all over Rosier. If Clemson does the same thing to him Saturday night then Miami is screwed. However, what I’m counting on is the fact Miami got caught in a look-ahead spot. Miami knew that Clemson was on the horizon and played uninspired. With an ACC championship on the line, I feel like we’ll see Miami play with swagger. The turnover chain will be back out and I think this is a closer game than the line indicates.

Ohio State vs Wisconsin +6.5

Here on the Money Train we’ve been riding with Bucky Badger for the latter part of the season. And he hasn’t failed us yet!! Ohio State has looked good but they haven’t proven to be elite. Wisconsin could unleash a lot of frustration from the lack of respect they’ve garnered all year. I grant you Wisconsin hasn’t had the toughest schedule, but it is still full of power five opponents. They play physical and sound defense and their offense wears teams down. This same team was in the Big 10 championship last year and played a hot Penn State team down to the wire. Wisconsin may or may not stick it to the Buckeyes with a straight up win but I expect the game to at least be close.

A-Rob’s Committee Vote

As this season comes down the home stretch its time to set the table for the weekend to come. I’ve been steadfast in my approach when it comes to how I rank these teams. I try to be as fair and objective as possible. Which is more than I can say for the current playoff committee. Again, this is NOT my prediction for how the season ends. Here’s how I currently rank the top four:

1. Wisconsin

2. Oklahoma

3. Clemson

4. Auburn

First two out:

5. Alabama

6. Georgia




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