Where should Tennessee go from here?

Anarchy on Rocky Top

Since the end of the Fulmer era, the Tennessee fanbase has been fed dog crap on a silver platter and been told to eat that shit and enjoy it. Tennessee is one of the most profitable athletic departments in the nation and they pull their hires from the dollar general coaching pool. A normal booster base that is committed to winning would have bought out Matt Campbell’s 9 million dollar buyout and brought in the rising star to run the program. But not Tennessee. They’d rather spend 350 million dollars on stadium renovations NOBODY ASKED FOR. John Currie seems more concerned with detailing his precious renovations than taking the time to google the coach he is about to hire. If he had taken 5 minutes to do so, perhaps he would have stumbled across a few articles linking his candidate to a pedophilia cover up.

Yesterday it seemed as if all hope was lost. Tennessee football was going to make yet another devastating hire with perhaps the entire future of the program in the balance. Doomsday in Knoxville. But then something beautiful happened. Tennessee fans freak the f*** out. The fanbase has been on snap alert for far too long. And at some point its time for a revolution. The Greg Schiano hire was thwarted due to the outrage of Vol Nation. But let me tell you something. That was an important battle won but the struggle is not over. Its time to drain the swamp at UT if we want to see permanent change. Its time to bring those responsible into the light for public shaming and hopefully to incur change.

Screw Jimmy Haslam

We have to start at the top. To be honest, we may be giving John Currie too much credit. I’m starting to think Currie is just a puppet for the gas man himself. Make no mistake about it, Jimmy’s voice is the one that carries the most weight of anyone involved. When you think about the fact that this is the same man that is behind the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee’s woes start to make sense. This is the guy that passed on both Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. This is the guy that wanted to hire Derek Dooley and Butch Jones. He’s the one that wanted Schiano. He sent Currie to Columbus to go get him. What needs to happen is an organized coup within the Tennessee booster base. They need to band together and execute an overthrow.

Screw John Currie

I don’t care if he is just a puppet, I still want his ass fired. The last thing we need is the leader for the Tennessee athletic department to be a spineless ‘yes man’. This guy shows no respect for the fanbase. He bungled the Butch Jones situation by waiting too long to fire him and throughout the process he wouldn’t speak a word on it. To be truthful, he should of shot down the Gruden rumors because when you don’t, and then try to trot out Schiano, the fanbase is going to explode. The dude is tone deaf.

Screw Peyton Manning

Yeah I said it. I’m honestly sick of the Manning worship at UT. Manning is a great face for the Tennessee program and I respect him for what he’s done. Incredible college and pro quarterback. But y’all do realize he crapped down his leg in every Florida game he played in? Tennessee won the national championship AFTER he left. Why does Manning get a pass in this whole Schiano debacle? He was a part of this. He called former vols yesterday trying to get everyone on board with the Schiano hire. Manning is no more than a political animal. He’s simply following the lead of the higher ups instead of standing up for what’s best for Tennessee.

Screw Jon Gruden

If I hear one more word about Jon Gruden loving Tennessee or being a Tennessee guy I will flip out. Jon Gruden is a sick individual that likes to play with our fanbase. The dude had no real interest in coming to UT but he purposely fanned the flames of his possible hiring. He trolled us in interviews and literally began to orchestrate a staff he never intended to actually form. Who does that? This guy is twisted.

Bonus: Screw the national media

These national guys wanted to tell Tennessee to shut the hell up and keep accepting the dog crap we’re being fed. Shame on them. They don’t know us. I applaud Vol Nation for speaking to power and demanding more. The national media is on the wrong side of this story and I’m not surprised.

The coach Tennessee needs

Tennessee just dodged a huge bullet and been afforded a second chance. Let’s not mess this up. I know everyone has their own opinions on who Tennessee’s next target(s) should be. You’re entitled to those opinions but I’m here to inject my own. I have two coaches that would be at the top of my list if I were Tennessee. I’m not saying these are the only two candidates I would accept but I feel strongly about both of these choices.

Here they are:

Lane Kiffin

Bring the prodigal son home. Yes he spurned us. But that was 8 years ago. I’m ready to forgive. He’s older. Perhaps wiser. I’m sure through his USC firing and current position at FAU, he’s humbler. And let me tell you this, Lane Kiffin is a hell of a football coach. Those that tell me he couldn’t make it at USC fail to site the fact that he was disadvantaged by sanctions put on that school by the NCAA. When he was at Tennessee he was a trash talker. We need that here. I want someone at the podium that says we’re going to beat Florida. I want a coach that openly admits we’re coming after Nick Saban and Alabama. I want a coach that is going to scare the rest of the SEC. And I think he would. Also can you imagine the marriage of Vol Twitter and Kiffin who is the best coach at using social media? Its a match made in heaven. Eventually someone will take a chance on Lane Kiffin and I think that school is going to reap the benefits. Why not us?

Tee Martin

I realize that Tee has no head coaching experience. But Tee has more than held his own as an assistant, recruiter, and offensive coordinator. Arguably he is one of the best assistants in the whole dang country. Eventually Tee will get his shot at a head coaching role. Shouldn’t that be at Tennessee? Tee Martin would be something the entire fanbase, former players, and former coaches could rally behind. He’s one of us. Someone we could truly be proud of. He can make Tennessee, Tennessee again. At this point I’m sick and tired of Tennessee head coaches that deep down don’t give a rip about Tennessee. Bring Tee in, assemble a Tennessee staff, and lets all get behind this guy.







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