CFB Week 13 Picks

Lucky Week 13.

The stretch of time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving goes by like a blur. Every year it proves to be the fastest time on the calendar. Here we are in the final week containing a full slate of regular season games. I don’t mention this to frighten you. We have conference championships and bowl season in front of us (or should we just go ahead and call it money season?). I tell you this to remind you the college football season is short. We have to seize the cash bags at every opportunity. This is the time to kick it into high gear and push this Money Train full speed ahead. In the weeks after football, when you don’t know what to do with yourself and begin to question your identity and place in society, it will help to have these bags of cash to comfort you.

After the conclusion of last week, we’ve officially picked over 100 games. To put a spin on Dennis Green’s quote, at 61-43-3 ATS, “We are who we thought we were.” Sitting at 58.65% is a good place to be. The goal of every season is to hit above a 55 percent clip. Despite the current success, I’m not satisfied. We’re missing something from this season. And that something is a PERFECT WEEKEND. I poured over this week’s lines and I’ve settled upon six I feel best about.

Here’s your parlay card for Lucky Week 13:

Ole Miss +16.5 @ Mississippi State

Obviously we have to bet the sole college game on Thanksgiving Day. Frankly, I want to be distracted from the battle between my perpetually under-achieving Redskins and the 2-8 Giants.

This year’s Thanksgiving Challenge: When gathered at the table, let your family know what you’re most thankful for is the invention of the point spread. Follow this declaration by turning to the eldest male figure seated at the feast and say something to the effect of, “However what I’m most disappointed in is the fact that Grandpa doesn’t have the balls to lay the 16.5 with Mississippi State tonight.” After this he will have no choice but to rise to your challenge or face the shame. Demand he pay you in bitcoin after Ole Miss covers.

Louisville -10 @ Kentucky

Oh how the turn tables have turned. I was dead set on fading the Cardinals to start the year and that strategy worked. But sometimes in life things change and you can’t be too stubborn to adjust. Louisville has covered in 3 of their last 4 and the offense has been rolling. Lamar Jackson is about to tear this Kentucky defense apart. For 1: Louisville is seeking revenge from last year’s embarrassing loss. 2: Lamar Jackson seems poised to put up numbers to prove he deserves to be back in NYC for the trophy ceremony. And 3: Bobby Petrino could be determined to pour it on to increase his attract ability to the numerous SEC coaching vacancies that await.

Alabama @ Auburn +4.5

Yes, I know what my rule is. Bet bama every time they’re a td or under favorite. But what’s the fun in not breaking the rules every now and then? I see some serious legitimacy in making a case for Auburn in this spot. I may be partial to the SEC, but I’m no sheep. Alabama hasn’t played ANYBODY this year. Who’s the best team they’ve faced? LSU? They just squeaked a win out in Starkville. Auburn on the other hand is coming down the stretch hot as ever. They absolutely annihilated a good Georgia team. They’re offense looks good and to be honest Bama’s defense is not what it was last year. Auburn’s front seven is elite level. If they can control the line of scrimmage, stop the run, and contain Jalen Hurts, they can certainly win this game. If Hurts is forced to sit in the pocket and throw, then the formula for a Tiger victory is there.

Vanderbilt @ Tennessee -1

Tennessee is really bad. Vanderbilt is really bad.

I just refuse to believe that Tennessee suffers its first 8 loss season in school history at the hands of Vanderbilt.

Clemson @ South Carolina +14

This week Dabo Swinney said the SC – Clemson and Bama – Auburn rivalries are comparable in intensity. The comment was rejected out right by the common football fan but I don’t think he’s too far off. Sure, in recent years, the more glamorous Iron Bowl has often produced the SEC Champion. But the battle for the Palmetto state seems to ooze passionate rivalry. I remember in 2004 the benches cleared and there was an all out brawl that took up the entire field. Where’s the Iron Bowl brawl??

I assume South Carolina has not appreciated being bumped to the second most relevant team in the state. It had to sting watching Clemson achieve a national championship. They are hungry to get their shot at the defending champs. This game is at night and a home game for the (8-3) cocks. Got to love a two touchdown home dog in a spot like this.

Washington State @ Washington -9

The Huskies have dominated the Apple Cup in recent years. This line may seem high considering both teams are sitting with 9-2 records. However when I see a line like this I tend to think Vegas knows what they’re doing. Most of the public money is coming in on Washington State. This just makes me that more confident that Washington runs away with this one.

A-Rob’s Committee Vote

My committee campaign continues as I strive to make college football as great as possible. Once again, this is not my prediction on how the playoff will shake out. This is simply my vote on how the rankings should look today. Apparently there tends to be two schools of thought when it comes to how to rank these teams. Some people base their decision off who is the better team. Others base it off who is the most deserving. I tend to use the latter. I prefer to rank in order of most deserving based upon their season resumes. Otherwise what’s the point in playing? When it comes down to team’s with comparable resumes, it then opens up the discussion of which team is ‘better’.

1. Alabama

2. Miami

3. Wisconsin

4. Oklahoma

First two out:

5. Clemson

6. Auburn



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