Bowl Season Part 1

I’m here to get my fix just like you.

An old person once told me to beware of a man without a vice cause he’s probably got dead bodies buried in his yard. Now I’m no psychologist, but perhaps that old man had a point. Or then again, maybe he was just trying to justifying the fact that he had a horrible crack addiction. That old man sure did love his crack. I met him outside a convenient store that I often visited and I spent numerous summer evenings listening to him part wisdom on things such as life, love, and literature. I respected him deeply and came to revere him as a grandfatherly figure. That was until our relationship took a dark turn after I asked him to watch my bicycle while I went into the store to load up on gummy worms. I came out to find the old bastard and the bike had both disappeared. I was devastated and suffer from trust issues to this day. I say all this to point out addiction is a hell of a thing. And after a week with no CFB action I’m feening to make some plays.

Bowl season is upon us. After a 68-47-4 (59.13%) regular season I am confident the Money Train is going to cap off things off in style. This holiday season I’ll be giving you the gift of money on a weekly basis. Santa Claus can kiss my ass. You can’t beat the gift of cash stacks. I’ll note that I’m not betting every game, just the games I feel best about. So for those of you looking for some extra coin this Christmas, here’s my picks for some upcoming games:

Troy -6.5 vs North Texas

Once you dive into the numbers, you can see this is a decent football game. Troy is 10-2 and North Texas is sitting at a respectable 9-4. I have to say, with this game taking place in nasty NOLA, the bayou has already been good to Troy once this year. If you remember, Troy knocked off a more than decent LSU team in Baton Rouge. Troy returns to the state laying a 6.5 point number. North Texas has been impressive on the offensive side of the ball this year but Troy looks to me to be the more complete team. Throw in the fact that 64% of the public is on North Texas and I’m sold that Troy is the play.

Oregon vs Boise State +7.5

Is this the first matchup between these two teams since LeGarrette Blount about knocked out a Boise player at midfield? Blount’s got a heck of a trigger. He didn’t even square up. He just planted that haymaker out of nowhere. This game is not nearly as marquee as it was when Chris Petersen and Chip Kelly faced off. Oregon is the more talented of the two, but I’d argue Boise State is the prouder program at the moment. Willie Taggert seemed to have thinks moving in the right direction in Eugene and he just bolted for the Florida State job. Its hard to tell how the Oregon players will handle this game. They’ve been less than consistent this season as it is. I like Boise to keep this one close and they might even win outright.

MTSU vs Arkansas St -3.5

After reviewing both of these teams resumes it was clear to me that Arkansas State has put together a decent season. They’re 4 losses are respectable in Troy, South Alabama, SMU, and Nebraska. It seems as if they win the games they should win and lose the games they should lose. MTSU looks to be inconsistent. Arkansas State has owned MTSU in recent matchups, going 4-1 straight up and ATS. Throw in the fact that their coach Blake Anderson has the moxy to take shots at big brother Arkansas and I like what I see.

Akron +22.5 vs FAU

This number is big. Its the biggest spread of any bowl game this whole post season. Granted, this number is well deserved. FAU has been blasting opponents and the Money Train can certainly appreciate the Lane Train. But this is Lane Kiffin’s worst nightmare. This number is RAT POISON for his team. I’m sorry Vegas has done this to you Lane. Feel free to destroy another cover by purposely running your punter out of the back of the endzone.




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