CFB Week 4 Picks

We got money on our mind and we can’t ever get enough.

Step up on the Money Train and you’re bank account goes up….. and it stays there.

5-2-1 was the record we posted last week which brings us to 19-8 on the year. Our percentage improved from 70% to 70.3%. If it wasn’t for Army not covering by a single point, we would be talking about a 6-1 week. My theory is that the powers that be are trying to keep us humble. In all seriousness, if you are a regular reader of the blog and haven’t taken the picks, do you realize how much money you’ve missed out on?

After three straight winning weeks I know a losing week at some juncture is an inevitability. But… what if that’s not the case. What if this season is the fulfillment of a prophecy. An outcome determined long before the dinosaurs walked the earth. Come, my faithful followers. Let us storm upon Vegas and plant our flag of victory in every sportsbook. We will feast upon the carcasses of our bookies. For this could be the long awaited “Year of Many Victories”.

Alabama -18.5 @ Vanderbilt

A few times every year, Alabama comes across a team that believes they are in the midst of a special season. And roughly 95 percent of the time the Tide absolutely destroys that team’s hopes and dreams. It is not simply enough that they beat you. Alabama literally wants to crush your spirits. The last thing Bama needs is any extra motivation to do so… Cue Vanderbilt defensive lineman Nifae Lealao. After Vanderbilt’s win over Kansas State last week, Lealao finds himself ranting to a reporter something to the effect that they expected to win. At the end, he points to the camera and says, “Alabama you’re next”. Oh sweet Nifae. What have you done. THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Bama wins by 50.

Arkansas @ Texas A&M -2.5

It feels like half the teams in the SEC have a fair amount of displeasure with their current coach. The two coaches in this game have such scalding hot seats that they have burns on their rear ends. In a matchup where the loser may be fired on the spot, this game will be intriguing. I lean Texas A&M considering College Station is a tough place for opposing teams to play. Also how terrible did Arkansas look against TCU?

Florida -2.5 @ Kentucky

I can admit when I am wrong, and I apologize to the Kentucky fans that read the blog. I said Kentucky had no shot to win the east and I redact that statement. I now believe they have a small chance. Florida is nothing special this year. However, they always seem to find ways to beat everyone in the SEC east. Florida is on a 30 year win streak against the wildcats and that’s not a trend I can just throw out. I’ll believe Kentucky can beat Florida when I see it.

Michigan -10 @ Purdue

Purdue is becoming a darling for college football lovers. I love their new coach and I knew he would improve that team tremendously. But, there is only so much a coach can do. The wolverines have a massive talent advantage over the boilermakers and it will show Saturday.

NC State +11 @ Florida State

NC State dropped their home opener to South Carolina but they showed a lot of offensive firepower in that game. Florida State canceled their game last week so this is their first game since their loss to Bama. We don’t know yet what the Seminoles will look like with a new quarterback in place. NC state has enough weapons on offensive to score points and cover this spread.

TCU @ Oklahoma State -12

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m in love with this Oklahoma State team. I seriously believe they might make the college football playoff. They are 3-0 ATS so far and I’m sticking with them until proven otherwise. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see this team play yet, tune in and watch their offense go to work. Mike Gundy’s mullet shots are a bonus.

Mississippi State @ Georgia -6

This is about to be some serious bulldog on bulldog crime. No, this isn’t taking place at Mike Vick’s house. This one is going down in Athens. And you can gamble on this type of dog fight and not be a terrible human being. This is shaping up to be a great matchup. Is the winner of this game the 2nd best team in the SEC? Mississippi State is on a tear but the LSU win may have been a bit of fools gold. I stand by the notion that I don’t think Coach Ogreron has any idea what he’s doing. Mississippi State has the quarterback edge but Georgia has superior talent and home field advantage.

Penn State @ Iowa +12.5

This has scrappy Big Ten game written all over it. Iowa is known to play better teams off of their feet. Win or lose, Iowa will be gritty enough to keep this game within the point spread.

USC @ Cal +16.5

Cal comes into this game 3-0 with wins over both North Carolina and Ole Miss. Neither of those teams are very good but they do have talent. Cal is getting 16.5 points at home which is a lot of points for a home team. They will be up for this game and put up a decent enough fight to cover.






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