CFB Week 5 Picks

I told y’all Bama would win by 50.

I apologize for underestimating them. They ended up winning by 59. That was one of the few incorrect statements in last week’s blog post. We amassed yet ANOTHER winning week by going 7-2. For all of the people that have thrown shade at the Money Train, I want you to take a good. Hard. Look. At our 72.2 win percentage. I mean we’re 26-10. In order to bet at that level you know you’re dialed in.

For those of you that hopped on the Money Train to start the year, I’m guessing your bookies have stopped answering your phone calls. Bookies can only take such a beating week in and week out before they say no mas. It is time to get creative. You may have to don a disguise, change phone numbers, and assume a new persona. Do anything you have to do to continue to get some action cause based on the visions I have received, this is the “Year of Many Victories”.

I am going to forewarn you. The picks you are about to witness in this post may disturb you. Your faith in the Money Train will be put to the test. But this is an interesting point in the season. As soon as you think you have the teams figured out, you start getting curveballs. That’s what makes College Football the most entertaining sport in the world. In order to beat the curveballs, you have to anticipate them. So buckle up and lets ride this train to 5 winning weeks in a row.

Texas @ Iowa St +6.5

This game will be played Thursday night so you won’t have to wait long to start making money this week. There is a certain theme to some of my picks and this game applies. Whenever you have a team getting points at home, its always tempting. Iowa St has been good to their recent backers. They are 9-3-1 ATS in their last 13 games. Iowa St is a team that is often underestimated by the public and Texas is often overestimated. I believe Tom Herman is in for a lot of close games his first season in Austin and getting Iowa St with these points feels juicy.

Miami @ Duke +7

Sometimes you just have to ride the wave. The Blue Devils are 4-0 ATS this year and 4-0 straight up. Miami has looked good as well, but Duke is the home team in a game that will be played under some Friday night lights. After this game ends you’ll be able to go into Saturday already sitting at 2-0.

Vanderbilt +10 @ Florida

Poor Candy Vandy. As Kevin Hart once told us, “Stay in your lane.” Last week they got a little too big for their britches and got knocked out by Bama. However, I believe Derek Mason will motivate his team to get off the mat in a trip to the Swamp. I like this spot more for fading Florida than any other factor. Florida is coming off two emotional wins over Tennessee and Kentucky and this is the perfect letdown spot. Plus a quarter of their team just got nailed with felony charges so that can’t be good for team moral…

Florida St @ Wake Forest +7.5

Florida St has started the season 0-2 for the first time since the 80s. This is another ride the wave game as Wake Forest is 3-1 ATS and 4-0 straight up this year. Another home team getting points and we are sticking to that principle.

Georgia @ Tennessee +7

I received pleas from my loved ones not to do this. Tennessee has burned me time and time again. They’ve been the one Achilles Heel for the Money Train. The vols couldn’t move the ball against UMASS last week. The game was a downright nail biter. FREAKING UMASS. Things seem to be coming undone at Tennessee. Butch Jones is unraveling. He called the Tennessee media fake news in a press conference on Monday. The dude is losing it. On the other side, Georgia looks as good as ever. They are coming off a complete drumming of Mississippi St.

And all these factors are why I say take the vols and the points. In college football it doesn’t always make sense. I am not going to believe Georgia is going to take control of the East until I see it. Tennessee gets home field advantage and Tennessee has had Georgia’s number the past two seasons. It would be peak Butch Jones to either squeak this one out with his back against the wall or lose in a heartbreaker. Either way you’d cover the spread. FOOTNOTE: If Georgia does come out and completely hammer Tennessee I’m never betting on a Butch Jones team ever again. This time I mean it.

Mississippi St @ Auburn -9.5

Auburn may be on the verge of a similar trajectory they had last season. They started slow with a loss to Clemson and then they got hot midway through the season. Auburn is still one of the most talented teams in the SEC and I haven’t counted them out yet. The Clemson team they lost to is darn good and Jarrett Stidham is just now getting the cobwebs out from sitting out a year. On the flip side, its tough for Mississippi St to get destroyed on the road by Georgia and then turn around and play in another tough road game. This is a bad spot for the bulldogs.

Clemson @ Virginia Tech +8

Virginia Tech to me has seemed to be a team of the future. But maybe they are a team of the present? Justin Fuente has already been working magic and has had the Hokies playing at a high level. This is a rematch of the ACC Championship from last season and VT played them to within 7 points. This Virginia Tech team looks better and they get this one at night in Blacksburg. Clemson is one of the best in college football right now but they will have their hands full Saturday night.


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