WTF Tennessee

For a while I thought we were the Chicago Cubs, but it turns out we’re the Cleveland Browns. In 2015 the Vols suffered loses to Oklahoma, Florida, and Bama in damn near Bartman-level soul-crushing fashion. Well, those days felt dark, but looking back at least they gave us a degree of hope and excitement. There’s […]

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CFB Week 4 Picks

Don’t call it a comeback. After a historically slow start for the Money Train, the clouds finally parted and the storm passed. Last Saturday we ripped off a 10-5 week to even the score at 17 to 17. Sometimes the picks come easy and sometimes I have to grind it out, and now that we’ve […]

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CFB Week 3 Picks

The Quest For NWO There are two types of people in this world. ‘Blue Pill’ people and ‘Red Pill’ people. For those of you that haven’t seen the Matrix, ‘Blue Pill’ people enjoy their ignorance because, lets face it, ignorance is often bliss. ‘Blue Pill’ people are often completely unaware that they are in fact […]

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CFB Week 2 Picks

I’m not gonna lie, last week hurt me. Sure, I’ve had worse weeks than 4-6 (obviously not often). There’s also great handicappers, that I respect, that just had a worse week than me. But there’s something about laying an egg to start the season that takes some of the air out of you. Thank God […]

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CFB Week One Picks

Beneath the clothes you find a man. And beneath the man you find his…. Nucleus. Here we are, shooting the opening scene for Season 3 of A-Rob’s Money Train. For those of you that know me, you’re aware I tend to get wrapped up in nostalgic reflection. It seems like just yesterday I sat down […]

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Big 12 Conference Champion Bet

Texas (+300) Tough games: USC, TCU, Oklahoma, @Oklahoma State, West Virginia College football is cyclical and all major programs experience varying degrees of up and down periods. But I have to say, Texas’s struggles this decade have been downright embarrassing. Texas, the flagship university, has been upstaged by just about every other school in the Lone […]

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Pac-12 Conference Champion Bet

USC (+400) Tough games: @Stanford, @Texas, @Utah, Notre Dame Nationally, USC is flying a bit under the radar and I think that will be a nice change of pace for them. Washington seems to be garnering all the attention, as well as some Bryce Love / Stanford chatter. Clay Helton has had an up and […]

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Big Ten Conference Champion Bet

Michigan (+450) Tough games: @Notre Dame, Wisconsin, @Michigan State, Penn State, @Ohio State I’m aware Harbaugh’s Michigan teams have underperformed. I’m also aware he hasn’t even come close to sniffing a Big 10 championship game. But to be honest, I think the public perception of Harbaugh has swung too drastically into the negative. Say what you […]

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Final Four Picks

If there’s any solace in my dismal ATS record, the bracket I gave out would certainly win an office pool or two. Despite a rough opening round, 5 out of 8 elite eight and 3 out of 4 in the Final Four is pretty damn good. Oh Tennessee. If they could have gotten past Sister […]

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