CFB Week 7 Picks

For those that debate if wagering enhances the sports viewing experience, last week was a strong case in favor of the practice.

There’s just nothing like putting your hard earned money in the hands of 19 year old kids and glorified gym teachers. It felt like almost all of our bets were in the balance of going either direction all the way down to the wire. The majority of the breaks went our way but a late Miami TD kept us from having a really nice 8-3 week. Maybe I’m just getting greedy. The Money Train continues to punish sportsbooks. We went 7-4 last week to bring our season total to 35-19 (64.8%).

The middle of the season is upon us. Some dumpster fires are being quelled while others are getting gallons of gasoline poured upon them. Some of the pretenders are being found out as the cream begins to rise to the top. And I’m sure some poor degenerate gambler just foreclosed on his house for putting his last rent check on the wrong team. Sigh. If only he could have found the Money Train before he lost it all…

Our winnings are mounting but it is never enough. Let’s see if we can get back up into the 70 percent range after this week.

Michigan -6.5 @ Indiana

For the first time I’ve heard legitimate complaints about Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. Harbaugh is 5-4 in his last 9 games. Two of the loses came to legitimate opponents in Florida State and Ohio State. The other two are less excusable (Iowa, Michigan State). Perhaps Michigan is due for one stinker a year? I don’t see them doing the same thing two weeks straight. I like Michigan in a bounce back spot.

Florida State -7 @ Duke

I like FSU this week for similar reasons I like Michigan. The Noles out talent the Dukies by a mile. Duke’s coaching can only do so much when they play someone way over their talent level (i.e. Miami this year). FSU is in a bounce back spot and I have to imagine they are the best 1-3 team I have ever seen.

UCONN @ Temple -9.5

Alright last week I said jump on Temple because East Carolina is stinky garbage. That strategy paid off and well, UCONN may be stinkyer garbage. Earlier this year ECU and UCONN meet in a stinky garbage match and UCONN proved to be the stinkiest. For a visual effect, picture the UCONN Husky just rolling around in its vomit after he threw up a turd. Take Temple vs. the vomit/shit covered stinky Huskies.

South Carolina +2.5 @ Tennessee

Tennessee is a total effing mess and its about damn time we started cashing in on it. Muschamp is 4-0 against Butch Jones and Tennessee players are literally kicking each other in the face at practice. With their cleats on. I’m pretty sure the starting quarterback just threatened to leave the school. Things are not ok in Knoxville and things aren’t going to get any better this Saturday.

TCU -4.5 @ Kansas State

When I first saw this line I couldn’t believe it. There had to be some mistake. TCU has been one of the most impressive teams this year and K State has looked totally average. I thought this pick was a little too easy. But perhaps the obvious answer is the obvious answer for a reason.

Georgia Tech +6.5 @ Miami

Ok Miami is good but fading them is gonna work this time. The Yellow Jackets are a quiet 3-1 and arguably should be 4-0. They grind team’s down and Miami has to have maximum focus to beat them. The Hurricanes are coming off an emotional win and this is a potential let down spot. Tech will keep this game close.

Auburn @ LSU +6.5

I admit when I’m wrong and LSU surprised me. Despite losing to Troy the previous week, they put the fight to the Gators in the Swamp and grinded out a nice win. Auburn is hot right now. I do think they are good but offense is the train that drives them. If LSU can play defense to the level they did last week, the game will be close. Not to mention, LSU getting points at home is always juicy.

Missouri +30 @ Georgia

This follows the same logic we used to cash in on Texas A&M last week. It’s tough for even dominate teams to win by 30+ points every week. Georgia has been on a tear and they’re bound to slow up at some point. With a 30 point spread, all we need is Missouri to get a few scores and we’ll cover.







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