CFB Week 8 Picks


The year of many victories continues to not disappoint.

No big deal or anything but we went 6-1-1 last week.

That brings us to 41-20-2 on the year (67.2%).

One Money Train participant sent me a picture of his new Porsche. Another was finally able to buy a vacation home. It’s tucked away in a quiet cove on a lake, nestled against the backdrop of the vast Canadian wilderness. While the scenery is breath taking, I warned him against purchasing the property. Miles from civilization, the indigenous people abandoned the area long ago. There are rumors that over-sized and highly aggressive tribes of badgers plague that particular region. Highly territorial, they will attack when feeling threatened.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this blog is not simply about picking college football games. I’m changing lives. I feel like Oprah. Or perhaps I’m more comparable to Robin Hood. All I know is you’re only limitations is the amount of money you put on my picks.

Since picking eight games last week went so well, here’s eight more:

Louisville @ Florida State -6

Remember in week one when I said I feel like fading the Cardinals all year? I think Louisville has covered only one spread. They reached a season low last week in losing to Boston College. FSU has had it’s own woes covering spreads but I still believe they have a decent team. They get this game at home and remember this is the matchup that catapulted Lamar Jackson to the Heisman last season. I’m sure that’s something the FSU defense hasn’t forgotten so they will be motivated.

Oklahoma State @ Texas +7

After Texas lost the opener to Maryland, they haven’t been blown out since. They have lost two games to respectable opponents in that span. Oklahoma by 5 and USC by 3. Texas may not be winning all of their games but they are playing teams tough. I was high on Oklahoma State to start the season but they have yet to win by a large margin against a team with similar talent. I think this game stays close so take the points.

Tennessee @ Alabama -34.5

The Vol’s offense is downright painful to watch. They haven’t scored a touchdown in 10 quarters… Do you think Bama’s defense wants to be the ones that give up that touchdown? Saban smells a shutout opportunity against a rival. Bama rolls and Tennessee fans won’t even care. The real focus is on who Tennessee’s next coach will be as Gruden rumors are in full swing.

Syracuse @ Miami -14.5

Does this seem counterintuitive considering Syracuse just knocked off Clemson? It seems that way if you’re a SQUARE. This is the perfect time to bet against them. Coming off the biggest win the program has had this century, this has letdown spot written all over it. Plus I’m really starting to think the U might be for real.

Kentucky +10.5 @ Mississippi State

I’m honestly kind of confused as to why the spread is this large. I would have expected it to be in the neighborhood of 6 or 7. Mississippi State is at home but I think people are still holding on to their complete drumming of LSU. This particular Kentucky team has raised its caliber above SEC cellar dweller. They are also coming of a bye week and should be ready to go for this one.

Oklahoma -13.5 @ Kansas State

I’ve said this before but I don’t think K State is any good. With lots of football still to be played, Oklahoma still has a chance to make the playoff. But if they want to do so, they will have to win games in impressive fashion. The team knows this and will blowout opponents every chance they get. I think the Sooners end up running away with this one.

Michigan +10 @ Penn State

It may seem like I can’t move off Michigan. Last week they were lucky to pull out the cover. However, its not often you can get this team as double digit underdogs. When the wolverines do lose, they have typically lost close ones under Harbaugh. Penn State has seemed like one of the best teams in the country. But what do we really know about them? Its not like they’ve met a quality opponent to this point. I feel like this is a chance to get Michigan at a low price and fade Penn State at a high one.

USC @ Notre Dame -3.5

I feel like I’m trying to get suckered into betting USC with that 3.5 point line. But you know what? I’M NOT FALLING FOR IT SPORTSBOOKS. Notre Dame is quietly putting together a decent season. Their only lose is to Georgia and that was by one point. Going up to play in South Bend is never easy. USC has looked disappointing all year and this could be Notre Dame’s coming out party.




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