NBA Future Bets

It’s time for us to make some long term investments.

For those of you who only know me for my college football genius, you may be skeptical of my NBA betting knowledge. But as you’ll come to see, this Money Train is no one trick pony. I play a lot of 2k. So trust me when I say I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve heard a fair share of sports fans complain that the NBA lacks regular season entertainment value. And once they reach the playoffs, there are only 3 or maybe 4 teams with a legitimate shot at the title. I don’t disagree with you common sports fan. The NBA is a dynasty league and its usually easy to tell who will be there close to the end. But you’re missing out on the real point. The NBA is a great way for bettors to earn cold hard cash money stacks. In the middle of the NBA season, when football is over and everyone’s bored, you’ll be entertained watching your investment rise or fall in value. I’ve got 3 solid team over/under regular season win total plays. So do yourself a favor and lock in these future bets before the games start tonight.

OKC Thunder Under 53.5 Wins

I’m honestly not so confident adding Paul George and Carmelo gives this team 7 more wins this year. (Last year OKC finished with 47). The Western Conference might be as stacked as its ever been. It won’t be a forgiving environment for this big 3 to figure out how to play together. Westbrook is use to taking a high volume of shots. It’s the only way he knows how to play. I’m not saying this team doesn’t have the chance to gel. Maybe Westbrook can grow into the roll of a true point guard. I think all 3 are at a point where winning is more important than any personal accolades. But these things take time.

LA Clippers Over 44.5 Wins

The ever disappointing Clippers… Could this be the year they exceed expectations? 44.5 wins is a low total for this team. Last year they racked up 51 and that was with Blake Griffin injured. The line is low obviously due to the loss of Chris Paul. However, what if the reason the Clippers continually disappointed is they didn’t respond well to Chris Paul’s leadership style? Plot twist, this team could be just fine without him. Not to mention they replaced him with a highly underrated player in Patrick Beverly. If Doc Rivers can get Blake Griffin to focus more on basketball than his acting lessons then its plausible he can raise his play back to superstar level. DeAndre is still an elite center. The pieces are there for a decent season.

Lakers Under 32.5 Wins

You have to be a real square to take the over on this one. Do people really think Lonzo and his stupid looking face is just going to take the NBA by storm this year? He’s a rookie! And there’s no one else on his team! Besides Lonzo, who’s the best player on this team? Brook Lopez? BROOK LOPEZ?? This team is young and still garbage. They don’t even have Swaggy P anymore. This under is basically a guarantee.

Bonus Prop Bet: MVP Winner

A week ago I was fully prepared to take Kawhi Leonard at +450 to win the MVP. The way Kawhi was playing down the stretch last year was special and if that continues this year he should be the front runner. But as the season got closer something didn’t seem right. He missed game one and is being held out indefinitely with an injury. If you want to win the MVP race you need to play the full season. Once I moved away from Kawhi a revelation game to me…

This is the year of James Harden.

Think about it. Russell Westbrook got his MVP last year. Durant got his in 2014. Harden is the final member of the young Thunder trio that will complete the trifecta. What a team that could have been… Harden has officially arrived as top 5 player and he’s only getting better. Not to mention, Lil Based God officially lifted the curse on James Harden back in June. So maybe this year he won’t turn the ball over 17 times in a Game 6 playoff game.

If you want to take Harden take him now at his current 8/1 odds. If he is really going to win then this is the best value you are going to get him at. He’ll only rise as the season progresses.


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