CFB Week 13 Picks + My Top Ten

I’m not crying, you’re crying Its unreal that this is the final week of the regular season. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting out by the pool, doing my preseason research with a cold brewski in hand. It never fails that the stretch from Labor Day to Thanksgiving feels like a blur… With […]

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CFB Week 12 Picks + My Top Ten

Often imitated but never duplicated. Its a tough task keeping up with us. Not only do I write riveting pieces week in and week out, the picks have been white hot. We literally haven’t had a losing performance since Week 2, and like championship teams, we are peaking at the right time. Last week we […]

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CFB Week 10 Picks

Will we ever lose again? The level of success we have had is borderline unprecedented. I’ve had years where my overall percentage has been better, but I can’t recall the last time I’ve rattled off seven straight weeks of winning picks. Last week we went 7-4-1 to bring our yearly total to 53-39-1 (57.6%) and […]

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CFB Week 9 Picks

“Write about what you know about” – Mark Twain Every week I put a lot of energy into writing these miniature literary masterpieces for your reading pleasure, but lets get one thing straight. At the very heart of this project it has been, and will always be, about one thing: Delivering you stone cold cash […]

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Week 8 CFB Picks

I feel…. vindicated. In more ways than one. Is this even a gambling site if I don’t capitalize on my opportunity to tout? What makes me happiest is knowing that those of you that put your faith in me have been vindicated as well. We had a rough start to the season, opening up with […]

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CFB Week 7 Picks

“Talent is God given, be grateful. Fame is not a given, be humble.” – Lil Wayne College football is no doubt the greatest regular season sport in the world. Now that we’ve hit the halfway point, we have enough data to form fairly sound opinions. But when you’ve handicapped this sport as long as I […]

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CFB Week 5 Picks

We’re starting to get H-O-T. Last week we went 6-3 ATS for our second winning week in a row, bringing our overall record to 23-20. We had some catching up to do, but after I adjusted course, it took one week to make up for two bad weeks, and then last week to pull ahead. […]

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WTF Tennessee

For a while I thought we were the Chicago Cubs, but it turns out we’re the Cleveland Browns. In 2015 the Vols suffered loses to Oklahoma, Florida, and Bama in damn near Bartman-level soul-crushing fashion. Well, those days felt dark, but looking back at least they gave us a degree of hope and excitement. There’s […]

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CFB Week 4 Picks

Don’t call it a comeback. After a historically slow start for the Money Train, the clouds finally parted and the storm passed. Last Saturday we ripped off a 10-5 week to even the score at 17 to 17. Sometimes the picks come easy and sometimes I have to grind it out, and now that we’ve […]

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